Tamar Braxton in Budget-Friendly Forever 21 Camo Jumpsuit

The Braxtons have been a leading family in R&B for decades. That family’s talent and connection to music is unparalleled. Given the amount of time that this family has been in industry, it stands to reason that everyone would assume that her bank account is nearly limitless.

That’s why it was refreshing that Tamar Braxton was recently seen on the Wendy Williams Show wearing a budget-friendly Forever 21 camo jumpsuit. It’s rumored that her former stylist chastised her for wearing an inexpensive Forever 21 and pairing it with a $1200 pair of Christian Louboutin suede boots. Allegedly, Tamar’s stylist told her that it was wrong wear low-end and high-end pieces together. Her stylist has since denied these allegations, explaining this incident away as a misunderstanding.

Whatever the case, I say THREE CHEERS FOR TAMAR!! I love that she decided to mix her high-end Louboutins with low-end $40 Forever 21 camo jumpsuit. As a matter of fact, that’s one of my style traits…pairing budget-friendly with expensive, I mean. I believe that mixing the two can make the low-end items look a little more expensive.

The to-die-for jumpsuit that Tamar is wearing is no longer available. If you know anything about Forever 21, you know that their stuff sales out quickly. But, Forever 21 has tons jumpsuits that are just as adorable. I found 10 jumpsuits for under $40 (below).

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Photo source: Tamar Braxton’s Instagram and Forever 21

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