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Looks for Less: Get Kate Spade’s Scalloped Edge Halter Swmsuit for Less

I’m in sunny Jamaica and couldn’t feel more relaxed. In order to prepare for my trip, I decided that I need a fee new swimsuits…because what trip would be complete without a little something new? While looking for swimsuits, I came across the Kate Spade’s scalloped edge halter swimsuit (pictured above). Continue reading

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Looks for Less: Get Kate Spade Snakeskin Pumps for Less

I’m so into the animal prints these days. They’re so versatile you can wear them with almost everything. I recently came across a pair of Kate Spade snakeskin pumps that I absolutely adore and would go with almost anything. The only problem is that they’re a whopping $328. Who on a budget and in their right mind would pay that much for a pair of pumps. Not me!! And if you’re on a budget, you shouldn’t either!! So I set out to find a more budget-friendly pair. Guess what…I found 3 :D!

The first pair is made by Sam Edelman and cost $110. While that’s something that I could afford, I certainly wanted to find a less expensive pair.

Then I came across the pair by Bandolino below. They are only $47.99.

But that still wasn’t good enough for me. So I found the pair by Mossimo (at Target) for only $29.99. Click on any of the images to shop.

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Get Kate Spade T-Strap Sandals for Less

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kate Spade created some really great looking and edgy shoes for a formal affair (above). But I don’t care how edgy they look, I’m not paying the $325 that she’s asking for them. However, I will pay $76.30 for Kate Spade’s look alike shoes below. (To purchase, click on either image.)

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