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Robin Roberts in Budget-Friendly New York & Co. Dress

Anyone who knows me knows how refreshing I find celebrities in budget-friendly outfits. This time, I found Robin Roberts in a budget-friendly New York & Co. dress. Let me just say…this dress is so adorable, and I can definitely see myself wearing it to work. I found the very dress that she wore earlier this week (on episode aired on January 22, 2018), and as of today, it only costs $55.96. Continue reading

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Looks for Less: Get DNKY Wrap Coat for Less

I live in Atlanta, GA, so real winters could be hit or miss. Well, this winter, we’ve been having a real winter…at least by southern standards. I came across the DKNY wrap coat in the photo above, which is perfect for the weather we’ve been having. But the DKNY price is not so perfect for my budget. Then, I came across a similar look, which is much more budget-friendly (also in the photo above). But which is which? Continue reading

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