Flowers are really trending right now…they are on EVERYTHING I see these days. Clothes, shoes, accessories, and now outerwear. A little while ago, I came across the LPA floral studded leather jacket for $1300. $1300 is a lot to spend on a jacket, especially a trendy jacket. So I wanted to find the look for less.

I was successful! I found a similar leather jacket for $418.99 (below).

While that’s a much better price, it’s still too much for a trendy jacket…unless, of course, you have the money. Then I found the jacket below for $158 (below).

I knew I could do better than $158, that’s why I continued my search. Then I found the jacket for $125 (below).

I also found a jacket for $118 (below).

There’s also a jacket out there for $94. That’s much better to a budget-friendly price (below).

The last jacket is the best price that I could find. If you can do without the studs, it’s coming in at the more budget-friendly price of $60 (below).

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