If you know me, you know that I love sharing looks for less. In this looks for less segment, I came across Johanna Ortiz’s ruffle one-shoulder top (pictured above). Although Johanna Ortiz’s ruffle one-shoulder top is no longer available, it was originally priced at $850 and later went on sale for $680. Call me crazy, but that’s not much of a sale. Even if that sale price happened to get reduced to half of the sale price, I wouldn’t buy it!

I challenged myself to find looks for less and was quite successful. I found the Petersyn ruffle one-shoulder top (pictured below) for $187.60, on sale from $268.

That price was still a little outrageous, so I kept looking. That’s when I found the Stylekeepers ruffle one-shoulder top for $96 (pictured below).

$96 is still a little crazy for a top, so I continued my search. That’s when I finally came across the tops below by Alpha and Omega for $68. Now, that’s a much better for my pockets.

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