It’s not very often that I post home decor items. It’s not that I don’t love home decor…I truly do…it’s just that it’s not very often that I shop for home items because I’m usually shopping for clothes, or shoes, or handbags, or items for Dylan, or…you know what I mean. But, when I came across Rani Arabella’s Regina fur pillow for $995 (above), I knew I had to find it for less. And, with fall and winter months rapidly approaching, I had the added motivation to add this warm looking pillow to my looks for less list.

Next, I came across the Safavieh’s fur pillow for $300, which is on sale from the original price of $430 (below). That’s still a very steep price for a pillow.

So I continued my search. That’s when I came across a similar pillow made by Luxe (below). The fur pillow was priced at a much better price…it was only $19.99, on sale from $79.99.

I also found an even less expensive fur pillow for only $14.99 (below).

I’m sure that one of these pillows can keep you warm this coming fall and winter! And, with them looking so similar, why wouldn’t you get the look for less?? Happy shopping 🙂

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