Looks for Less- Get Ports 1961 Mule Sneakers for Less

Fall is here, and it’s my favorite time of year. That means that Thanksgiving is coming (yum!)…and Christmas is next (my favorite holiday…yay)! I came across the perfect pair of shoes for this time of year. I found some Ports 1961 mule sneakers, and I want to show you where you can get them for less in this looks for less segment.

Above you’ll find 2 pairs of mule sneakers. One pair costs $695 and the other costs $40…but which is which? I certainly couldn’t tell at first glance, and I doubt that many people would be able to see the difference. And you know my question…why pay out of the nose for something when you can have a similar look for much less?

If you guessed that the second pair was the look for less, congrats! You know your stuff! You can have the look for less by clicking below.

But, if you want the designer pair for a cool (nearly) $700, you can get them by clicking below. (Although it says that they are sold out, they’re not…I checked, and they still have tons of sizes.)

Of course, I would opt for the look for less, but I don’t judge when someone wants to buy designer. I mean, I’ve been known to add a designer piece or two to my wardrobe. But being the Budget Shopaholic, I always get my designer items at a deeply discounted price. At any rate, happy shopping!

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