Looks for Less- Get Marble Table Lamp for Less

If you know me, you know that I love items for the home. I’m one of those people just waiting to buy my dream home so I can fill it with lovely items like the marble table lamp above. Don’t get me wrong, I love our townhouse…but, we’re living in the a house that was made for just two people, not two people, a toddler and a dog. So when we get our forever home, it will be filled with stuff like this to-die-for lamp. As you can see, there are two nearly identical lamps above…one of them comes with a hefty price tag, while the other is actually attainable. But which is which?

Lamp #2 is the more expensive lamp…and if you’re thinking about buying it, it would cost you a whopping $239. I certainly don’t have that to spend on a table lamp.

But if you’re interested in saving a few dollars, lamp #1 (the look for less) is about half the price of the lamp above. I know which lamp I’d choose!

Happy shopping!

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