Looks for Less- Get Gucci Princetown Floral Leather Flat Mules Loafers for Less

Last week, I posted a Looks for Less segment for some Gucci Princetown floral velvet mule loafers. Well, I just found it’s sister shoe in a pair of Gucci Princetown floral leather mule loafers. As you can see from the pic above, I was also able to find this look for less. When you look at the photo above, it’s probably a little hard to tell which is which.

If you have a good eye, you’ve probably already peeped that shoe #2 is the Gucci shoe…and it can be yours for $820 by clicking on the image below.

But, if you’re into looks for less as much as I am, the shoe I found below will suit you just fine. You can have it for only $33 by clicking on the image below.

If you want a pair of floral mule loafers that are genuine leather, I found a pair for a few dollars more than my look for less. They can be yours for only $45 if you click on the image below.

And for the truly budget-conscious shopper, you can have a look for less for only $18. You know the drill…just click on the image below to shop.

If you like the Gucci floral mule loafers, I hope I was able to save you a lot of dough…which is always my aim. There’s no need to spend on trend.

Happy shopping!

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