Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Celebrities in Winter White
I’m from the south and white in the fall and winter is usually a no-no. But white doesn’t always have to have such a bad rap in the fall and winter…especially if you stick to these little tips.

1. Fabric is key!! Make sure that you stay away from the thin springy/summery fabrics like linen and chambray. Fall and winter is no time for those types of fabrics. You’ll freeze to death, after all. If you’re going to wear white, stick with fabrics and materials like wools, thick cottons, thick knits, or even leather.

2. Color is important. I know what you’re probably thinking. “White is white”, right? Wrong! Just like there are various shades of blacks, reds, blues, greens, etc., there are various shades of white too. So when you’re picking out your white for the fall and winter, try going with a creamy white…that’s what’s considered “winter white”.

3. Don’t go for the snow queen look. Try spicing up your ensemble with splashes of winter white instead of going full blown white. Maybe a winter white scarf here or a white sweater there. Maybe even try a winter white coat. But not all together. Try spreading those pieces out among various outfits.

Here are a few suggestions that encompass all of my little tips. (To shop, just click on the images below.)

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