Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here!! Christmas decorations, bright lights, festive sweaters…it all spells holiday season to me!! If you’re anything like me, you always want to give the perfect gift. I will use gift cards in a crunch, but I always use them as a last resort only.

If you’re in a bind and need some holiday gift inspiration, I have some great holiday gift ideas for you. What’s perfect about my holiday gift ideas is that they are bound to keep you within budget. All of my ideas are under $60, with most coming in just under $30.

Personalized Watch Box

This is perfect for an avid watch collector. I bought my husband one a few years ago and it was a BIG hit with him.

Wooden Watch

Wooden watches have become very popular recently. But, not so popular that they aren’t unique. You can grab this one for just under $30!

Personalized Cutting Board

This is a great gift for anyone who loves to cook. My husband loves watching cooking shows and trying out new recipes. He might find this under the tree this year…hehehe.

Engraveable Keepsake Box

If you’re shopping for a sentimental person (like me), a keepsake box might be perfect!! Giving that person an engraveable keepsake box to store some of their small mementos would make for a great gift. I would suggest personalizing the box by engraving it with their name or a special message.

Happy Socks

Socks and tights are all the rage these days. They allow people to express themselves in a special way without going overboard. Happy Socks come in assorted designs and colors, and are great for adding a little flare to your day. They are perfect in an office setting.

Game of Thrones

Is the person you’re shopping for a Game of Thrones fan? If so, try getting them the complete Game of Thrones book set. The books are loooonnnngggg, but they are great books to read.

Assorted Coffee and Mug

I don’t always need coffee, but when I do, I need it strong and flavorful. Maybe the person you’re shopping for is like me. If so, this is a great holiday gift idea.

Assorted Wine

So…the person you’re shopping for isn’t a coffee lover? That’s okay. They may not be starting their day with coffee, but they may need to unwind at the end of a long day with a nice glass of wine.

Decanter Set

Okay, so…maybe the person you’re shopping had a “rougher than wine” day. I know that feeling…lol. I have another idea…a decanter set.

I know how hard it is to shop for the perfect gift for that special someone. Hopefully, I’ve given you some ideas for this holiday season. You can purchase any of these items by clicking on the images above.

Happy shopping!!

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