Halloween 2016 - Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner. I absolutely LOVE this holiday because we all get to dress up to be someone we’re not. When it comes to costumes I’m cool with sexy maid and sexy Snow White, but I really love the original costumes. Since we’re so close to Halloween, it’s probably gonna be a bit of a challenge to find a full costume in stores. But throwing a costume together can be easy with a few of my ideas. Click on the images below to shop.

Remember Gossip Girl? It was one of my many guilty pleasures. The show was full of fluff, but so juicy. Blair and Serena butted heads unlike anything I’ve ever seen. But the fashion…ohhhh, the fashion. It was to die for. Serena dawned a trendier style, while Blair was prim and proper. Both characters had memorable styles, but Blair’s style especially stood out to me. The unique headbands and tights were fabulous. That’s why she’s my first costume. Putting together pieces similar to the ones that I’ve chosen will make a great Blair Waldorf costume.

Halloween 2016 - Blair Waldorf

Breakfast at Tiffany’s was a timeless classic. Holly Golightly introduced the world to the LBD (little black dress) and statement necklace. This look should be highly recognizable at any costume party.
Halloween 2016 - Holly Golightly

Friends was and is my favorite TV shows. I’ve watched the entire series several times over and still stop to watch this show whenever I’m flipping through channels. If you’re a Friends fan, of course Rachel Green’s style will stand out, even by today’s standards. As a matter of fact, I’m still looking for a maxi dress that Rachel wore on of the episodes. Her style morphed over the seasons from effortless, comfy and cute to chic and classic. The Rachel costume idea below is from one of the earlier seasons, but still memorable.
Halloween 2016 - Rachel Green

One of the most fun costume ideas that I have is Chanel #3 from Scream Queens. The Chanels’ ridiculous style is pieced together tons of fur, fishnet, leopard print and metallics. With this costume you’ll be a shoo-in to win any costume contest.
Halloween 2016 - Chanel #3

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!

Photo credit: Pinterest and Vogue

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