Halloween is a fun time of year. It also happens to be one of my favorite times of year. All the candy, costumes and haunted houses give me a sense of nostalgia…it all takes me back to my childhood. Halloween is also the holiday that sorta kicks off fall. And what better way to get in the Halloween frame of mind than to decorate. But who wants to spend tons of dollars on decorations that you’re not going to get much use out of?

When I want to decorate for Halloween, I head to the nearest Ross Department Store. Those stores are the best for seasonal décor. I’ve found everything from tablecloths to wall art, and all at really low prices. The only downside to Ross is that there’s no online shopping. But that’s okay for people like me who love the thrill of the hunt. Check out some of the deals that I’ve found that will make any home Halloween ready! When compared to Wayfair.com, you’re saving tons.

(And just as a little sidebar, I love their clearance rack too…they always a great selection of career dresses at great prices.)

Halloween wall art at Ross is $7.99, but can cost as much as $58.99 on Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-wall-art

Halloween tablecloths at Ross is $3.99, but costs $58.99 on Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-tablecloth

Halloween pillows at Ross is $8.99, but can cost as much as $73.99 on Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-pillow

Halloween lighted pumpkins at Ross range from $3.99 – $11.99, but costs $169.00 at Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-lighted-pumpkins

Halloween hand towels at Ross are $4.99, but cost $19.99 on Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-hand-towels

Halloween glasses at Ross are $7.99, but costs $19.99 on Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-glasses

Halloween floor mats at Ross are $5.99, but can cost as much as $143.74 on Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-floor-mats

Halloween skeleton hand at Ross is $7.99, but can cost as much as $50.90 on Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-ceramic-hand

Halloween skull and cat at Ross is $.99, but can cost as much as $50.90 on Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-ceramic-cat-and-skull

Halloween candle holders at Ross is $7.99, but can cost as much as $87.02 on Wayfair.comross-halloween-2016-candleholder

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