Danube Hermosillo as Darlita on The Bold and the Beautiful in Budget-Friendly Topshop Floral Top

I’m not sure if you are a B&B (B&B = the Bold and the Beautiful) fan, but I was perusing the internet recently and came across something very interesting. Darlita, a character from B&B played by Danube Hermosillo, dawned a very budget-friendly Topshop floral top. Actually her entire outfit (which only consists of two key pieces) was budget-friendly, but it was her top that drew my attention.

Darlita’s top is only an eye-popping $14.99, which is the sale price. The original price is only $30, which still isn’t too bad.

Of course, I found it for you.

I also found two other Topshop floral tops just like Darlita’s with different prints.

In case you’re interested in her skirt, it’s also made by Topshop and only costs $55.

Photo source: The Bold and the Beautiful

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