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Trend Alert: Clear Shoes

Rihanna in Clear Shoes

When I was growing up jellies used to be all I wanted for shoes…even in the winter. And while we didn’t get much snow in Atlanta, GA, the winters here can be very cold…much too cold for the back-in-the-day jellies anyway.

Within the last few years I’ve been seeing more and more clear shoes, so much so that it makes me a little nostalgic. Just take a look at Rihanna. As you can see, this trend is a big hit with celebrities too. In honor of this trend, I have found several pairs of jelly-inspired shoes; although nowadays they are just called clear shoes. Click on the images below to shop.

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Trend Alert: Hawaiian Prints

Jordan Sparks, Kate Mara and Lizzy Kaplan in Hawaiian Prints

There is a new trend out there that I’m completely in love with. Hawaiian tropical prints are on the rise among tons of celebrities, as you can see from the photo of Jordan Sparks, Kate Mara and Lizzy Kaplan above. Hawaiian prints aren’t the tacky prints that we used to see back in the 80s. Nowadays designers are combining this print with formal gowns, day dresses, and even other bold Hawaiian prints. I love it!! And what’s more, these prints came just in time for the summer.

If you want to keep up with one of this summer’s trends, click on any of the images below to shop.

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Trend Alert: Baroque

Zoe Saldana in Baroque on the Cover of Bazaar Magazine

What’s the latest fashion craze out there in the world? Baroque, that’s what!! And I love it. You can dress it up or down. And you guys know that versatility is one of my favorite traits in clothing. For some people out there baroque is a little too flashy, but if you pair it with the right things “too flashy” won’t be an issue.

If baroque if your thing, I found some items that might peak your interest. Click on the images below to shop.

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Trend Alert: Clogs

Inspired by today’s look for less, it dawned on my that there is a new trend out there: clogs!! Everywhere you turn nowadays, there’s someone wearing them. And rightfully so. They are great for all occasions…work and play. Check out some of the gret clogs that I’ve found. These aren’t your mother’s clogs of the 70s (not that there anything wrong with vintage)…they have a little flare that combine the classic look of the 70s with the edgy look of today. What’s not to love!!

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