Shopping With the Budget Shopaholic

Shopping With the Budget Shopaholic

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Holiday Gift Ideas

The holidays are here!! Christmas decorations, bright lights, festive sweaters…it all spells holiday season to me!! If you’re anything like me, you always want to give the perfect gift. I will use gift cards in a crunch, but I always use them as a last resort only.

If you’re in a bind and need some holiday gift inspiration, I have some great holiday gift ideas for you. What’s perfect about my holiday gift ideas is that they are bound to keep you within budget. All of my ideas are under $60, with most coming in just under $30. Continue reading

in Shopping With the Budget Shopaholic

The Budget Shopaholic Takes a Field Trip: Shecky’s Girls Night Out

Because I love to shop so much, I feel that it’s important to get out and look around to see what’s out there. I’m always out and about searching for great, reasonably-priced, fashionable finds. Like I always say, it’s a hobby and passion of mine. I thought that it would be beneficial for my readers to see where and when I find all my great stuff…it’s not enough that I post some of my finds on the TBS Finds page because that page only serves as a small taste of the budget shopping abilities. As a result I will periodically write about my various shopping trips, be it local or national…or even international (that’s right, I said “international”).

On 11/13/09, my friends and I had the pleasure of participating in
Girls Night Out in Atlanta. It was very interesting and educational (if you call “educational” learning about tons of online, local, and national boutiques of all kinds). I found out about stores that I never knew existed! I’ll definitely go back next year.

5 reasons I love the concept of Shecky’s:

1. They promote the idea of boutiques. After all, boutiques are usually very fashion forward, and I love most things fashion-forward. Boutiques set the trend for those who aren’t in touch with the latest and greatest styles. You will hardly ever find any of the classics in boutiques, unless there is a little twist to it.

2. They make their visitors feel like stars. Everyone is able to walk the red carpet and be photographed in their outfits. And if Shecky’s thinks that you’re particularly fashionable, they’ll ask you about your outfit…you know the questions I’m talking about “Who are you wearing?”, “Who are your favorite designers?”, etc.

3. All the free stuff!! As I said earlier, they treat their visitors like stars. They have goodie bags (or “swag bags” as they are known to the stars). For those who don’t know what “swag bags” are, they are bags full of free stuff. And these bags aren’t just filled with anything…they’re actually filled with stuff a gal could use, like beauty products, spa stuff (lotions and bath products), a novel (you heard me, A NOVEL), I could go on and on. Shecky’s even provides cocktails, wine, beer, and other drinks for their visitors if they want to wet their whistles.

4. I found a lot of high-quality stuff at my kind of prices. That alone is enough to keep me coming back for more.

5. You never know what you’re going to find. Shecky’s offers its visitors a wide variety of clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, handbags, shoes, eyewear, hair accessories and hair styling materials…to sum it up, they offered just about everything.

Unfortunately, there are some poor souls out there who won’t get to experience Shecky’s because it does not host an event in every city. To check to see if and when Shecky’s is coming to your city (or a city near you), click here.

Below are some pictures of the Shecky’s Atlanta event. There was a lot of ground to cover at Shecky’s so the few pictures that I have do not encompass how grand the event truly was. The picture with the 5 gorgeous ladies posing with Shecky’s goodie bags is my favorite picture of the evening…those ladies are some of my girlfriends. And in case you’re wondering, I’m not in any of the pictures.

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