I’m just a 30-something girl who loves a great deal on great things. I love husband…even though he drives me crazy. And this may sound a little nuts, but I love my son and dog equally. I’m an Atlanta, GA native and resident who absolutely loves to shop. I pride myself on finding great deals everywhere I shop, whether it’s online or on foot. Some might even call me a shopaholic. So, I decided to put my little “addiction” to good use for everyone by creating this blog.

My belief: Diversify when it comes to shopping. I’ve been known to shop everywhere from Target and Walmart to Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. I also love to mix inexpensive and expensive pieces when putting outfits together.

My mission: To save you time and money by telling you about incredible sales, mind-blowing deals, amazing discounts and great coupons on things that are actually attainable. In other words, I want to share budget-friendly finds with anyone shopping on a budget.

What you’ll find on this blog: You will find all sorts of stuff!! I plan on sharing with you great sales, expensive looks for less, places to find fantastic brands at a significant discount…the list could go on and on!!

A little about myself…
– I absolutely LOVE to shop (but that’s not a surprise), and I love the thrill of the hunt
– My dream job is a personal shopper, but writing this blog will suffice…for now
– I cuss a little…okay, a lot, but I’m working on it
– I’m constantly eating things I shouldn’t
– I dream about eating everything I want without gaining a pound…but I know that’s just a fantasy
– I use a lot of ellipses (you know, those three periods) in my writing, and I hope that doesn’t annoy people
– Like everyone, I dream of being a mega gazillionaire…but right now, I just work a regular gig as a Human Resource professional